To everyone who wants to know Christ and the transformings the power of the good news of the Gospel


To everyone new to our town Ferrara

because our church is a place where we worship God with all our heart


To everyone who wants  to know more about Evangelical churches

because we belong to the C.E.R.B.I  (Evangelical Reformed Baptist  

Churches in Italy) and  the Alleanza Evangelica Italiana.


To students and singles

because our church is a community without ethnic, class and social  

distinctions. . .


To anyone who is broken hearted and looking for answers to life

because we know that Christ does not let us down as He maintains

every promise in His Word, the Bible . . .


To everyone who is alone, or sick, or on the side lines of society and life

our young and growing church is made to measure.

Having known Christ  ourselves, we want to share His love

with everyoTo ne.