Who we are .....

 We are a young Evangelical church which was born about 12 years ago.  As a local testimony in the city of Ferrara, we are part of that worldwide assembly of men and women who love and happily serve Christ. Although shared with many our faith is personal and each of us wants to continue to grow through Christ's transforming love.


Historically, we are identified as one of the C.E.R.B.I churches (Evangelical Reformed Baptist Churches Italy)  www.cerbi.it  which joyfully affirms its  heritage in the Protestant Reformation. The all important hinge which gave rise to that historic water-divide was the refusal to allow any authority to assert  itself above the Bible. The words "sola scrittura - Scripture alone" are the keystone to our faith in Christ.


We are also heir to the spiritual revivals which, as they wonderfully brought  light and hope to the otherwise turbulent developments of the 18th and 19th centuries, gave substance to the reality of conversion, the universal priesthood of believers and the need for every Christian to be full of the Holy spirit.